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Aquaculture / Fish Farm

Aquaculture is a high-risk industry. At any time, due to weather events or abnormal operation of equipment, both are the common causes of massive fish kills, the investment and efforts of fish farmers may probably vanish as a result. If we make good use of technology for environmental control, when the water quality becomes unfavorable, we can take action as quickly as possible to minimize the loss of the business.

The automation system collects data such as temperature, salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen, indoor temperature and humidity of the farm. The system host and the farm's network are connected through computer or mobile phone to monitor the real-time operations data of the farm. If any unfavorable factor goes outside the preset range, the system will automatically response and activate necessary equipment to resume the environmental condition based on preset parameters from the user program, or instantly alert the person in charge to ask for follow up actions. This will help to reduce mortality rate and reduce labor to accomplish the target of increasing productivity.

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