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Smart Home

Smart Home is an all-in-one solution that connects your home activities and IoT technology to create a comprehensive, safe, comfortable, convenient, energy saving smart home system. Compared with typical home appliances, smart home appliances may cheers you up a little bit at first, in fact, when you have a certain number of smart devices, you may not willing to return to your original living style again. Nowadays, smart home systems and devices have become more user-friendly and emphasize the overall interaction to the users. Internet and IoT technologies have been used to connect various devices (including: lighting systems, temperature regulation, curtain control, surveillance & security system, audio and video equipment, computer and communication equipment, kitchen appliances, alarm clock, cleaning, etc.). Users can control these devices remotely through mobile phones, tablets, and touchscreen panels, super convenient to manage between your daily routines, home appliances and other smart home devices.

There are numerous technologies and applications that can be installed in smart homes today but people often have no idea what do they really need for their homes, also, installation and high maintenance cost are stopping them to make the first step for intelligent living. Therefore, we are focusing on building tailor-made automation systems that perfectly fits to our customers. We provide feasible solutions based on customer preferences to make the system practical, simple and convenient to use.

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